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The Love Stone

Near the drive onto the territory of “Inzhavinsky” sanatorium, not far from Inzhavino-Krasivka road there is one of the attractions of Tambov – The Love Stone.   

The love stone looks like a boulder installed on a concrete pedestal. Many people consider this big stone with the words “Love and loyalty” carved on it a monument to Love.   

The story of this stone is quite curious. Several years ago a man enjoyed his vacation at the sanatorium. He followed his course of treatment and routine, walked around the surrounding territory. And he met a woman who turned out to be the love of his life. The man decided to install the stone in memory of the place where they met and fell in love with each other. And that is how the stone appeared here.     

The surrounding environment is interesting with its beautiful pine forest, Vorona river with a comfortable pier and old Inzhavino bridge not far from it.  

Krasivka village, Inzhavino region
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