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Museum of Literature and Music

Quite unusual variety of expositions are availible for the visitors to see. Here you will find the sections devoted to renown Golitsyn family, sections telling about musical and literature traditions of Koslov-Michurinsk. Surname “Golitsyn” originates from a nickname “Golitsa” (leather gauntlet).   

Nikolay Golitsyn’s story is very touching and interesting. Coming from a line of officers, the young prince graduated from Page Corps but didn’t like the service. The prince’s life was not simple. He ruined himself, restarted his military career, worked in translation, wrote social and political essays, and he was always loyal to his muse – his cello. The prince was a good friend of genius composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. They never met but they had been pen pals for over 4 years. Their correspondence is still in possession of the museum. Nikolay believed his main purpose in life was musical education. His contemporaries talk about him as a great cellist. Even Michael Glinka, who was not very generous for praises, had the same opinion.   

Yury, Nikolay Golitsyn’s son, graduated from Page Corps just like his father. He moved to his Tambov estate after and gave himself up to music. Just like father, like son – in Yury’s life good and bad times changed one another. Yury Golitsyn was exiled to Koslov after his publication in “Kolokol” newspaper. Having escaped the surveillance, he immigrated and continued composing and practicing music abroad.      

The museum tells about the two outstanding members of Golitsyn family with warmth and a lot of details. The exposition includes “Wilhelm Biese“ piano of 1771 and Offenberg grand piano. Possibly, the Golitsyns themselves played them. There is also a cello and a 1845 Japanese harmonium in good order. The museum halls are furnished with the pieces dating back to the end of 18th century. The old mirrors in each hall make them even more beautiful. Several halls tell about musical and literature traditions of Koslov-Michurin. The ground floor includes a small hall offering temporary exhibitions and serving as a venue of concerts.

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Comments (2)

  1. nika:

    Hello! I am wondering which year is the Offenberg grand piano that stands in your museum?

  2. Editor:

    Hello Nika! The Offenberg grand piano that stands in museum of literature and music was made in 1821. Thank you for your attention to our website)

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