Church of St. Lazarus of Bethany

The family one-altar church of St. Lazarus was opened near the town almshouse owned by the honorary freeman and merchant, A.M. Nosov, in 1872. In Soviet years the building was used as a pharmacy and a cinema. After perestroika it functioned as a night club. 

Tremendous reconstruction works have been done by today. The iconostasis and altar have been built anew. The bells have been installed and the western doors have been fixed. Preliminary works for the bell tower restoration are being currently held. The building will soon regain its historical look.   

Before the revolution the church quite modest by its architecture and ornamentation used to support incurable patients and orphans in spirit. This House of Mercy was originally built for them. The miracle happened in this church was obviously not by accident. A holographic image of the Virgin Mary appeared miraculously on the icon-case glass protecting the icon of the Most Holy Mother of God “Consolation of All Who Sorrow”. This wonder-working icon and the image of the Mother of God appeared on the glass are displayed for the general worship in the church of St. Lazarus. Among the other worshipped holy objects in the church there is also the icon of St. Lazarus, the Four Days Dead, the icon of St. Pitirim with a fragment of the holy relics, the chest with various saints’ relics, the church cross called “The Crucifixion” decorated with stones brought from the holy places of Jerusalem. 

122, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
+7 (4752) 71-90-71
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