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Тамбовская область
Floriculture Laboratory

Really creative people with rich imagination and limitless love for flowers work here. Continuing the great breeder’s work, the lab specialists focus on breeding of new varieties of gladioli and annual asters and study ornamental bushes. But the most active work involves the selection of lilies. For more than 50 years the scientists have created more than 100 varieties and hybrid forms of lilies with 77 out of them registered under author's certificate. The process of “invention” of a new variety takes 10-12 years and the result is never known in advance. The flowers of unearthly beauty receive tender and beautiful names: Varenka, Diadema, Apelsinka, Lyustra, Autumn Waltz, White Sails, Vishenka, Andromeda… Selection of new varieties looks like magic and the place where tests are conducted is a fairy-tale garden where hundreds of Asian lilies bloom every July. You can’t resist the aroma of the flower fields and charming beauty.                    

By the way, the first hybrid variety of lilies was bred by I.V. Michurin in 1914. The lily was called “violaceous” because of its strong violet aroma. Everyone in Michurinsk knows the story about the Dutch who were very good at floriculture offering Michurin 20 000 tsarist rubles in gold for the bulbs of the unusual lily on the terms that it will never be cultivated in Russia ever again. The breeder did not sell the lily.   

30, Michurin Str., Michurinsk, Tambov region
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