Krasnosvobodnoye Aspen Bushes

Aspen Bushes is a natural landmark in the form of natural forestation of meadow and forb-feather grass steppes. Small areas of the aspen forest are located 2 km to the South-West from Krasnosvobodnoye village in Tambov district. The total area occupied by these three sections is nearly 6.5 hectares.   

Scientists suppose that the aspen bushes appeared on Oka-Don plain following the retreating glacier. Today they hold a valuable gene pool of plants and play an important soil-protecting role. Some crops grow among the trees: fescue, bromegrass, purple-stem, meadow and June grass. Legumes are quite numerous too: red clover, mountain clover, common sweet clover, sainfoin, sickle lucern, etc. There are more miscellaneous herbs like meadow sage, bluebell, meadowsweet, milkwort, lesser starwort, catchfly, field pink, and bloodwort. The feather grass is rare to see.

The aspen bushes stretch among the fields which gives the natural monument its one-of-a-kind value and proud beauty.

Krasnosvobodnoye village, Tambov district, Tambov region
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