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Kozlov Girl’s Classical School

The decision to build a new building for girl’s classical school in Kozlov was made in the late 90s of the XIX century. The modern school was supposed to be in Moscovskaya Street. The highest and the most dilapidated house was demolished to give room for the new building. The project of the new construction was abundant in large windows, high ceilings, and front stairs stretching from the central entrance to the upper floor.

A part of the middle floor was occupied by a ceremonial hall. It was not only used for school needs but for town holiday concerts, charity events, balls, and Christmas shows.

The grand opening of the new girl’s classical school building took place on September 25, 1897. In its first years, the classical school used to accommodate Kozlov commercial school. Later it was moved to its own building and the vacated rooms were completely occupied by Kozlov girl’s ministry classical school. It occupied the 2nd and 3rd floors because the 1st floor was used for shops.  

The teaching staff had to go through a rigorous selection. Only teachers with higher education were hired. Candidates for a teacher’s position had to provide the “Application for Admission to the Gymnasium“.  

Classes in the classical school started on September 1st and finished on June 1st. Sunday, the Passion and Holy weeks were days off and students had Christmas holidays. Female students studied the law of God, Russian grammar, Literature and Logics, German and French, Maths, History, Physics, and other subjects.

The school had been functioning until the WWI. In 1914, the school building was transformed into a military hospital, in 1917 – into the Headquarters of the Southern Front, and in 1919 – into a factory-and-workshop seven-year school.

Later, in the 30s, the school was reorganized into Michurinsk secondary transport school №50. The school was again a hospital as soon as the Great Patriotic War started.

The educational institution got its present-day title of secondary school №18 in 1961.

288, Sovetskaya Str., Michurinsk, Tambov region
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