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“Rehearsal” barre composition

The Rehearsal barre composition is installed in Derzhavinskaya Street that looks more like a small public garden in the shades of the branchy trees and flowerbeds. The unbelievably beautiful and delicate composition is gifted author Vladimir Amadeo’s present to Tambov. 

The composition is represented by the statuettes of three women on the pedestals. All three are made in bronze, the artist’s favourite material. The figures of almost naked women are very original. They embody natural strength, elegance and mystery.

Vladimir Amadeo is known as an author with a good hand at mainly female surreal sculptures. The simplicity and openness of the image realized in “Rehearsal” fill this work with a deep meaning. The author’s wife was his muse during the creation of these pieces. According to the artist, unlike a man, a woman can be depicted without any extra detail. She will always be fine and beautiful on her own even if her shapes are far from conventional 90-60-90.          

The sculptures are faceless. It was the author’s intentional decision to distract attention from any particular features. The viewer is only supposed to see the statuary and the movement imitating a dance.

Derzhavinskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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