“Modern” cinema

“Modern” cinema is one of the oldest Tambov cultural places. The building where the cinema is located was built in 1908. They say, that it was the place where “Berlin” tavern mentioned in Lermontov’s poem “The Tambov Treasurer’s Wife” was located. The hotel and tavern belonged to former prisoner of war Dominico Pivato who ended up in Russia with Napoleon’s army. 

In 1909 the building was rented by photographer Tepfer who planned to arrange a cinema here. And it was turned into a cinema in 1910 when the building was bought by the Lapitsky family. And that’s when it got its name “Modern” from the architectural style of the building. At that same time the abat-jour in the shape of a stork was fixed above the entrance with a lamp in its beak – the symbol of cinematography. A petrol engine with a generator was installed in the cellar to produce electricity. When guests came for a show, they took off their outwear, checked themselves up in the mirror, went to dance or shopping in the canteen and after that they watched the program that usually included a few short movies.      

The cinema building was nationalized in 1918. In the 30s the building was reconstructed with the lobby being transformed into a small hall. At the beginning of the 50s the cinema was renamed into the “Star” and its historical name was returned only in 1995. Today the former cinema is used as a shopping area.

81, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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