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Тамбовская область
Inzhavino museum of local history

The exposition of a small district museum is devoted to the history, culture and traditions of Inzhavino district. Undoubtedly, It’s worth a visit. Many a little makes a mickle – that is how the museum was created. Some people brought coins, ceramic tableware; others presented everyday objects, pictures and letters. A grandma’s dresses made of hemp as well as trimmings and embroidered with intricate patterns tablecloths became exhibits of the museum. All this and many more is in possession of the museum collections.         

Today the museum has a historic and ethnographic halls, pavillions, modern hall and halls devoted to the nature and military glory.    

The museum is especially proud to have a collection of 19th century objects that used to belong to Vera Dokhturova, the wife of one of the descendancts of famous Russian commander Dmitry Dokhturov. 

33, Sovetskaya Str., Inzhavino, Tambov region
+7 (47553) 33-67-82

Tu-Su 8:00-17:00

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