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The Bobyor Fountain

The Bobyor (Beaver) fountain is located in the third microdistrict of Uvarovo, in the area of the town main street – Shosseynaya Street. The fountain had been installed in town a long time ago but only recently it got renewed. In place of the former construction in a shape of a metal bowl, there is now a water slide with a bronze figure of a beaver. 

The sculpture appeared in Uvarovo for a reason: the river beaver is a frequent denizen of Uvarovo water bodies. Beavers are known for their hard-working spirit which is typical for local people as well. The beaver figure was designed by Tatyana Chikayeva. The bronze sculpture was cast at the bell plant in Voronezh. The little animal greets and says goodbye to tourists and locals.

The area around the fountain is citizens’ favorite place to have a rest. 

Intersection of Oktyabrskaya and Shosseynaya Streets, Uvarovo, Tambov region
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