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Yakovlev’s tenement building

The large mansion at the corner of Sovetskaya and Leningradskaya Streets once belonged to a merchant of the second guild, Profiry Yakovlev. It was one of the most expensive houses in Tambov at the beginning of the 20th century.   

The exact year when it was built is unknown. Local historians suppose that it was built somewhat inbetween 1894 and 1901. The construction consists of several parts the facades of which are decorated in special ways with the use of various architectural styles. You will see windows of different size and design and balconies with tracery railings. The upper corner part on the facade is decorated with a small ornamental third floor that looks like triads of narrow window openings facing two lateral sides and a corner one. The house looks curious even if you look at it from the inner yard where you can get to by passing under the arch from Leningradskaya Street.       

The first floor of the building was rented by Menzel’s sausage store and Ivan Ryabov’s cafeteria. The latter was frequently used for some events: game of billiards or group card games. The second floor had apartments that the landlord rented out.

Aready in pre-war years the cafteria was redesigned into apartments. Up to the end of the 1950s the apartments in this building were considered to be prestigious and the tenants were mostly families of high-rank officials.

At present the first floor is occupied by stores and the rest of the buildng is still apartments. 

88, corner of Sovetskaya and Leningradskaya Streets, Tambov, Tambov region
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