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Monyakov’s tenement building

Monyakov’s house is a two-storey complex of buildings built at the turn of the 19th century. Until the 40s of the last century it was considered to be the tallest building in the regional centre. The owner, A.A. Monyakov, worked as a manager at the cloth factory in Bondari village and never actually lived in Tambov that’s why the most part of the building was rented out to tenants.    

The main facade of the tenement building facing Nosovskaya Street displays signs of eclecticism – semcurcular windows of the second floor, half-columns of Corinthian order, plaster leaf-shaped acanthuses decorate baroque window frames and imitate keystones. On the left there is an annex in the shape of an arch that leads you to the back street and a tiny yard typical for Odessa or St. Peterburg. Before the revolution the back street was lit by a street lamp deinstalled later. The yard, hidden from prying eyes, had a small orchard and a fountain. Back in the days it was a pure luxury.     

A four-storey red-brick building hidden in the shade of large trees in the depth of the yard draws attention. Tambov historians state that this 20th century building used to be a local disorderly house. The house was designed in a way that no windows of the nearby buildings faced it. It was necessary to provide anonymity for its clients. For this same reason the house was built behind the arch so that men arriving with a cab couldn’t be seen. The first floor was used for service rooms while the other floors were occupied by women receiving their clients. The house interior was luxurious – high flights, stairs and wall paintings.

During the Soviet times the house was tranformed into a residential one accommodating numerous residents of shared apartments. Today the building with a green facade is a bank.

8, Nosovskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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