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Seleznev’s House

The building known to most Tambovians as the Wedding Palace is one of Tambov monuments of history and architectture. It was built by a prosperous Tambov merchant, V.M. Seleznev, in the middle of the 19th century as his own house. The architectural style of the building is art nouveau with touches of renaissance and classicism.      

The dynasty of merchants, Selesnev family was involved in grocery business and had grocery shops in Bazarnaya Street. In 1918 the Seleznevs’ house was taken from them. Special department headed by a special comissioner of the Central Executive Committee on the Southern Front, V.N. Podbelsky occupied the residence. During the years of the Peasants‘ Revolt  in Tambov this was the central office regulating the fight against the rebels – here the arrested people were interrogated and sentenced.         

When the job of the special department was done, the building was used as an orphanage. Until the end of 1970s former Seleznev’s house was functioning as a kindergarten. After the full reconstruction the building received a name of the Wedding Palace. The first wedding ceremony took place here on November, 10th, 1980. From then on many people have come to this beautiful palace in the centre of Tambov to tie the knot.

27, Internatsionalnaya Str., Tambov
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