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The house with fish scales

This low house in the southern part of Tambov next to the new buildings doesn’t catch anyone’s attention immediately despite its interesting name. The fish house doesn’t have anything to do with fish or water just like its owner, the manager of a brick factory, was not keen on fishing in any way.

It is an advertizing house, a model house. It’s unique for the fact that its façade is finished with lime-sand figured brick. Both lime-sand and figured types of bricks were a huge technological breakthrough in the Russian architecture in the beginning of the 20th century. There are dozens of various bricks of different shapes used to emphasize the base, pallets, frieze, platbands and the façade surface. The bricks give the house the look of fish scales and make it stand out and attract attention.        

Last century there was a church not far from the house. The house was built later but the owner managed to fit it into the surrounding space. The designs of the church and the house that was built much later did not compete against one another. The house fit perfectly in the surroundings and had some things in common with the church, for example, the window cases framing the window openings. It was a mixture of Neo-Russian style and art nouveau.      

The house has a special fasade design but at the same time it is a building with side and back wooden facades typical for Tambov of the beginning of the 20th century. According to the local history experts, the roof must have undergone some constructive changes. The brickwork has minor cracks in some places. The house represents a valuable object from the point of view of architecture and as an interesting tourist attraction.

16, Pervomayskaya Street, Tambov, Tambov region
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