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Тамбовская область
Доступная среда
“Znamya truda” cultural centre

The impressive building of 1929 is an interesting monument of Soviet architecture. During the construction of the club for railroad workers architect A.T. Svirchevsky went for simple and clear shapes while using various dimensions, vertical and horizontal lines giving the building a expressive touch.    

The facade wall facing Privokzalnaya Street showcases two bas-reliefs by artist P. Maslov: the first one depicting the proletarians‘ movemrnt towards science, sport and art, and the second one – towards the union with the peasantry.  

After the completion “Znamya truda” centre had remained the largest factory club in Tambov. “Znamyonka” concert hall (the popular name Tambov citizens gave to the cultural centre) was as spacious as the hall of Tambov drama theatre. Various town and regional meetings and conferences were held here.

“Znamya truda” cultural centre has been located in the building since 1998.

118, Internatsionalnaya Street, Tambov, Tambov region
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