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Engineer Galkin’s house

In the southern part of Tambov there is Vasily Galkin’s former house. It is an atypical construction for Tambov. The house with a yard shaped as a well is more typical for the houses of St. Petersburg. In the past it was a lodging house that belonged to the senior staff controller of the first district excise of Tambov province.     

The two-storey building is represented by a complex of residential buildings with barns outside. In the layout plan it looks like a closed triangle with through arched passages on the northern and southern sides. The court-yard looks like a street of a European city.     

The house façade is designed in the northern art nouveau style popular in the 20th century. The house looks different from the courtyard – large surfaces of the red brick in combination with plasterwork. The house itself has several entrances one of which used to lead to the apartments for tenants to rent. Looking from the courtyard, the left wing represents a complex of barns used for the needs of the cleaner and tenants. Here there were also carts and sleighs. Under the windows there were front gardens.        

Passing through another lower arch, you can see a log cabin that was Vasily Galkin’s house. The house décor is very curious – there’s still a balcony above the entrance. The windows and the balcony door are decorated with colored glass. The unusual roof adds a unique touch to the house.  

28, August Bebel Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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