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A.S. Pushkin Library

The building of Tambov regional library named after Alexander Pushkin is located on the territory of former Utkin church that was destroyed in the 1930s. The present-day library building had been built from 1969 to 1979.

The Tambov library was one of the first libraries organized in one of the principal cities of provincial Russia. It was founded in 1830. The original library holdings were formed with the help of books and magazines donated by various ministries and the Free Economic Society of books and magazines. Books came from private collections of Vasily Polenov, Leonid Voyeykov, Alexey Vysheslavtsev, Alexander Novoseltsev, etc. Since 1833, the library had become public. Books were issued for a fee.   

In 1844, the library moved to a two-story building built in Dvortsovaya (today’s Sovetskaya) Street. The library was not a popular place. In some years, it couldn’t afford ordering any book or magazine and didn’t have subscribers at all (1858-1868). A part of the building was even leased to the horse-breeding society.

The Tambov library started its new life after joining the Naryshkin’s Reading Room in 1923. On the hundredth anniversary of Alexander Pushkin’s death, in 1937, the library was named after the poet’s name and it became regional.

Since 1950, the library has been housed in the building of the former Naryshkin’s reading room and its book collection included over 1.5 million pieces. Some outstanding public figures visited the library, such as poet Vasily Zhukovsky, Academician of Painting Vasily Polenov, writers Alexey Zhemchuzhnikov, Sergey Sergeyev-Tsensky, Alexey Novikov-Priboi, Iliya Erenburg, Nikolay Virta, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, etc.      

Today, Pushkin library is the largest in the region depository of Russian and foreign printed and electronic books. There is also a section of rare books. 

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