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Gaken’s pharmacy

Many people notice a white-blue building facing Sovetskaya Street (former Bolshaya Street) and think it must be a palace that used to belong to one of the richest people of Tambov land. They are very surprised when told that it’s not a palace at all but a pharmacy that belonged to one of the town pharmacists.

The history of this building began in the 70s of the 19th century when pharmacist Karl Gaken applied to the town council asking for the permission to open a pharmacy in the 60th block of Tambov. The council accepted his application and soon the new pharmacy opened its doors in Tambov. The town had the population of 28 000 people back then. Gaken’s pharmacy was called Pokrovskaya pharmacy.  

The building is a two-storey mansion with three windows in its façade with multiple stucco decorations. The perfect symmetry of all the elements, the variety and geometrical precision the details catch everybody’s attention. Unfortunately, the author of this architectural project designed in the style of late Renaissance remained unknown.    

Since 1883 the house and the pharmacy had belonged to another pharmacist – Kazimir Shchuko. The new owner reconstructed the building and decorated its façade wall to attract more customers. The interior furnishing of the pharmacy was made according to the highest standards of Russian pharmacies.

The pharmacy continued functioning after the revolution. In 1922, the second floor of the building was occupied by the venerologic clinic that moved to Kommunalnaya Street later.

Today the reconstructed mansion houses the office of cultural and archival affairs of Tambov region.

76, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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